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Life and Paint


It’s kind of strange to be looking at this screen, contemplating real blogging for the first time since September.  Yes, I posted a lot in October – but it wasn’t the real deal, and I knew it.  Life’s been messy since September 27, more or less, but in the past six weeks I’ve found that […]



Someday I’m going to start blogging again.  Not today.  Soon, I hope, but not today. It’s a new year.  There’s all kinds of newness going on in my life, but it’s still coming out as chaos.  So until the chaos calms down and becomes coherent, I can’t get anything out that would make sense. But […]

420 Days


Journaling has become a part of my daily routine – almost like eating and sleeping. :-)  A day is not complete until I’ve jotted down a few thoughts, a verse or a passage of Scripture, or a random to-do list.  I started journaling when I was 14, and since January 1, 2005, I’ve been journaling […]

For months now I’ve wondered how on earth I’ll ever finish writing up how God has been at work in my life.  Anyone who read “the call” that was posted up until a few moments ago can attest that I like words.  And I like putting words together.  And that I probably had way too […]

So in a real attempt to *actually* finish my MTW application, I have been working on it (hehe – funny how that’s how things get done, isn’t it?!).  The main application is 12 pages long (before I started typing in any answers, that is…).  In addition to the main application, there’s the Confidential Background Info […]