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Ten days ago it happened again.  I said goodbye to another “family.”  As crazy as my hospital family was, my Esperanza family was even crazier. :D I’m the white girl in the middle (in case you were wondering).  That was good cake! Thank you, Andrea, for giving me this opportunity! Nursing Teammates Michelle, Isabel, Andrea, […]

When I was a kid, one whole wall in our kitchen was covered with a long bulletin board.  Half was used for current events (homeschooling kids never leave the classroom, no matter where they are), and the other half was covered with pictures of friends and family.  Some of the people on that board I’d […]

The fact that I’m posting about the “best part of work” on a Friday evening might be a little misleading…  But no, I am not here to say the best part of my job is the weekend. :-)  I love that I have weekends off (what a concept!!!), but this week I actually had one […]

Last Tuesday, I worked my last shift at the hospital.  I’d worked 50 out of the past 60 months at CCH.  It wasn’t just where I was born, where I became a nurse, or where I worked.  My coworkers – doctors, nurses, and staff – were family to me. When I first started working at […]

When I was in Cape Town last October, there was one evening that still stands out to me.  Remarkably, it wasn’t after a particularly excellent or moving speaker, nor was I pondering the wonderful worship music we enjoyed during the plenary sessions of the Lausanne Congress.  It was actually our day “off” in the middle […]