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Ten days ago it happened again.  I said goodbye to another “family.”  As crazy as my hospital family was, my Esperanza family was even crazier. :D I’m the white girl in the middle (in case you were wondering).  That was good cake! Thank you, Andrea, for giving me this opportunity! Nursing Teammates Michelle, Isabel, Andrea, […]

I made it home safely late last night – thank you all for praying!  The week was beyond FABULOUS – I learned SO MUCH!!!  It was essentially a crash course in tropical medicine crossed with medical missions – a terrific mix of lecture, hands-on learning, and clinical practicum time.   A more detailed post will […]

Going South


In just a little over 24 hours, I will be boarding a plane to head south of the border for a week.  A lot of other “stuff” has been going on in life, so I haven’t really had a chance to think about this trip a whole lot.   (Of course I’ve made the time to […]

Jesús Me Ama No Hay Dios La Canción de la Banana Yo Tengo Un Amigo Yo Tengo Un Barco He Decidido Seguir a Cristo Padre Abraham Alelu, Aleluia Tú Nombre Exaltaré Dios de lo Imposible Some of these have obvious English equivalents.  We’ve had some fun in Sunday School learning a song in both languages […]