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Life (For Real)


It’s been a busy month.  Not that any month is ever NOT busy, but September seems to have been more full than usual.  It all began very normally – work, Labor Day, church, family – all the ordinary stuff. But then September 8 was my last day of work.  Weird.  I mean, weird beyond not […]

Missing Pieces


I began writing this a month ago tonight.  Sometimes life gets “in the way” of what I really want to do, but I think that’s the whole point…  It’s what I do when life gets in the way that really counts.  That’s who I really am – the person I am when life is in […]

Interserve candidate school is going well. :-)  I’m exhausted, haven’t run in over a week, and am eating to stay awake, but that’s par for the course for something like this (the mountains of snow/ice sure aren’t helping on the running front).  But other than that, I’m feeling great! We’re the class of threes – […]

Somehow this Valentine’s day doesn’t seem like others I remember.  In fact, if it weren’t for the littler members of Candidate School, I might have gotten away with not remembering the day altogether. :-)  So no, it’s not different in that way – not different because all of a sudden I’m incredibly excited to celebrate […]

I submitted the complete, long application to InterServe today. Phew. Well, phew for the moment, anyway. The next 8-10 weeks will be crazy busy as I prepare to attend candidate orientation in mid-February.  Psychological evaluations (yay).  Interviews.  Getting to know InterServe, and InterServe getting to know me (and my family and friends).  And in the […]