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Starry Night


So last night I was out late (oh no!) having fun (yikes!!) with others who are attending this training.  After a rousing game of fishbowl (Snarky turtle avenges the past!), we were driving back to the mothership and noticing the AMAZING stars.  Somehow being at elevation (7200′) with winter around the corner makes things sparkle…  […]

The Gist of It


Since Monday, I’ve been learning a lot about assumptions and how not to make a King James donkey out of myself when I get overseas. :-)  That is, of course, what these three weeks are about – my culture, their culture, and how I integrate the two for God’s glory.  So part of today included […]

…for every time someone said to me, “Maybe you’re called to Philly…” I’d probably have most of my support raised to go overseas by now. :-) I can tell you this: today I’m called to Philly.  I love this city – I love my church, love my work in the city, love having friends in […]

Romans 8


January is traditionally a month of “new things” – a new year, a fresh start, new habits (hopefully) formed, and the expectation that even more new things will happen during the coming year.  The only reason I love January is because it shouts newness so loudly. :-) I am thrilled to bits about the new […]

10 for 2010


New Years Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  It’s a day to reflect and plan, review and revise, rest and pray.  I had a lovely day yesterday – spent with family and friends. :-) At the end of the day, I finally opened my new ESV Bible.  It was a Christmas […]