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Hello, 1/1/11!


Last night was probably one of the loveliest New Years’ Eves I can remember.  After a family photo and a relaxed dinner out, we spent the evening at church – fellowshipping, singing Baptist hymns, praying, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper as the calendar changed.  Very poignant.  We welcomed 2011 by singing “Jesus, What a Friend […]

Goodbye, 2010!


What. A. Year. 2010. Gone already?  Really? God is so good.  The first time I posted this year, I wrote out a list of things I hoped to accomplish in 2010.  What a marvel it is to see how God has used that list – changed, reshaped, remade – this year!  I couldn’t have planned […]



As a word of warning, this is a rather disjointed post. But hopefully the title gave that away. :-) There’s something about sunset over the salt marsh that always gets my mind dreaming, imagining, and just generally thinking out of the box.  Contrary to the pattern of a “normal” vacation for my family, it has […]



It is a GLORIOUS day in my current corner of the world – sunshine, blue sky, trees bursting into bloom, a lovely breeze.  And March has flown by – rain, sun, warm, cold – and I’ve enjoyed most every minute of it. :-) Finished II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Romans (currently reading Psalms, Exodus, Esther, […]

I’m pondering whether or not I should still post monthly wrap-ups.  It seems like they might not fit the blog anymore… like I have a giant to-do list and this is one more thing where I can go, “check, yup, did that.”  I don’t want this to become just another thing to do…  So maybe […]