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I just finished listening to Tim Keller’s “Your Plans: God’s Plans” sermon. Wow. I can so relate.  Just what I needed tonight…  I have lots of plans – hopes, dreams, desires, deadlines, stuff in the future I’ve already paid money to attend, you get the picture.  But in listening to this sermon, I realized that […]

Well, I’m thinking I need to do something to make blogging more of a priority, so from now til I head overseas (L*rd willing, in October!), I’m going to try to post a picture and a brief snippet of life each week.  I’m also going to start blogging in code – using phrases, abbreviations, and […]

In the brief time I spent in Asia recently, I asked and answered a number of interesting questions.  I also picked up a few weird facts about my hopeful-future-adopted-home.  Here are some of my random favorites. :-)  Guesses, comments, and questions welcome! Driving – which side of the road?  Yes. Housing – which is better […]

New Phase


So on Saturday I arrived back in my “passport country” after a wonderful trip to my intended place of service.  As I process and work things through, I hope to post a few thoughts on this new phase – the (hopefully less than) six months remaining before I move overseas full-time.  In the meantime, here […]

I think I had hoped the curveballs would end with 2010. :-)  Not so.  Surprise! Instead, the first three weeks of 2011 have felt like the very beginning of a huge roller coaster:  you’re strapped in, going up, and suddenly realize what’s ahead.  And there’s NOTHING you can do about it – you can’t stop, […]