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Sunday night’s SMI (Summer Medical Institute) kickoff dinner went well. :-)  It really was a joy to host this year’s team as they finished up their community orientation.  What a difference a year can make!  Last year’s SMI was totally life-changing for me (blogged during, after, and processing), basically culminating in moving to the neighborhood […]

I like Saturdays.  Today was especially nice – the humidity was lower, I took a lot of pictures, and the day ended with chocolate ganache in preparation for fun times tomorrow. :D The best summer Saturdays always involve swimming.  This morning I went to the last home meet my youngest sister will have this season […]

Missing Pieces


I began writing this a month ago tonight.  Sometimes life gets “in the way” of what I really want to do, but I think that’s the whole point…  It’s what I do when life gets in the way that really counts.  That’s who I really am – the person I am when life is in […]

I think I had hoped the curveballs would end with 2010. :-)  Not so.  Surprise! Instead, the first three weeks of 2011 have felt like the very beginning of a huge roller coaster:  you’re strapped in, going up, and suddenly realize what’s ahead.  And there’s NOTHING you can do about it – you can’t stop, […]

It’s been a great month. :-)  A month of confirmation, of service, of challenges, of catching the vision (again), of food, fun, family, and fellowship!  And I am loving my camera!  (As are other members of my family…) Here are a few shots that capture the essence of November 2010.  Enjoy! More pictures are here, […]