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Ten days ago it happened again.  I said goodbye to another “family.”  As crazy as my hospital family was, my Esperanza family was even crazier. :D I’m the white girl in the middle (in case you were wondering).  That was good cake! Thank you, Andrea, for giving me this opportunity! Nursing Teammates Michelle, Isabel, Andrea, […]

April Fools


Have you ever prayed for something so much that when the answer comes it seems far too good to be true? Many of you have been praying along with me over the past six weeks as I wait to hear where the Lord is sending me.  At the beginning of March, the Interserve office sent […]

I made it home safely late last night – thank you all for praying!  The week was beyond FABULOUS – I learned SO MUCH!!!  It was essentially a crash course in tropical medicine crossed with medical missions – a terrific mix of lecture, hands-on learning, and clinical practicum time.   A more detailed post will […]

Over this past weekend (January 16-18), Jean and I had the opportunity to go to a retreat sponsored by CMDA and MCO.  Here are 10 things that made the weekend awesome. :-) Staying up far too late for my own good – two nights in a row. Getting up early for prayer meeting both mornings […]

I wanted to be in a place where ministry was the primary goal. I wanted to be able to participate fully in various aspects of Tenth’s Sunday morning. I wanted to be able to sing in Tenth’s choir, even if only for a short season. I really wanted to see what a Monday-through-Friday, 9-to-5 job […]