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2009 in Review


I can’t believe it’s over.  I know I said that already, but hey, just because I said it…  So I’m going to look at the original list that I published on January 2 (and amended in July) and see how the year went… Read through the Bible in Spanish (again).  Yes.  Finished this morning.  In […]

So in a real attempt to *actually* finish my MTW application, I have been working on it (hehe – funny how that’s how things get done, isn’t it?!).  The main application is 12 pages long (before I started typing in any answers, that is…).  In addition to the main application, there’s the Confidential Background Info […]

June Wrap-up


June (AKA the “silent” month) has whizzed by…  Several times I thought about sitting down to write, but there were always more pressing things to be done at the moment.  June has been an exciting month – lots of changes (again!).  Summer has arrived!  Original stuff here. Finished Job, and I’m working my way simultaneously […]

May Wrap-up


Lovely weather this evening… a hint of summer in the air, a light breeze, gardens planted, flowers blooming.  May has been an incredibly good month.  One of my sisters graduated from college, we had a chance to spend some time away from everything as a family (I think that was a first!), and I went […]

Here’s the 2009 AMLT group! :-) I’m on the far right, sans socks and shoes. ;-)  You’ll find a bigger version in my Picasa Album, along with the requisite Swine Flu reaction photo, just for fun.