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Made My Day…


On Thursday I got a large white envelope in the mail.  It totally made my day!  Inside were notes from “my” fifth graders at church – the kids I’ve watched grow up from Pre-K! Most of them were the heartfelt, “I loved having you as my teacher and hope you’re learning a lot,” type of […]

Interserve candidate school is going well. :-)  I’m exhausted, haven’t run in over a week, and am eating to stay awake, but that’s par for the course for something like this (the mountains of snow/ice sure aren’t helping on the running front).  But other than that, I’m feeling great! We’re the class of threes – […]

This Sunday marked the first day “back” for many things – it was essentially the kick-off Sunday for the “regular” year at Tenth.  The Philly Distance Run and after-church plans (and several sick siblings) complicated “lift-off” time for me, but the day went quite well, all things considered.  Thank you, Lord! Over the summer, attendance […]