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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Decisions have been made, I have a “target date,” there’s talk of language school, and suddenly really going is becoming quite real (finally!!!).  This is a video one of my fellow candidates shared when we were at CS in February.  So I’m thinking of this, too… You […]

April Fools


Have you ever prayed for something so much that when the answer comes it seems far too good to be true? Many of you have been praying along with me over the past six weeks as I wait to hear where the Lord is sending me.  At the beginning of March, the Interserve office sent […]

The big question since Candidate School has been… Okay, Lord, where are you sending me? I’ve followed to this point – the zig-zag path to get here was certainly not what I would have chosen at the outset, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about how the Lord has worked (I wouldn’t even […]



God’s been working on me this month.  The vision I’ve had for so long – to go overseas and serve Him in a place where He is not known – is finally putting on flesh.  Along the way, Jesus has been emptying me of me.  Tonight I find myself sitting – or kneeling, or flat […]

Interserve candidate school is going well. :-)  I’m exhausted, haven’t run in over a week, and am eating to stay awake, but that’s par for the course for something like this (the mountains of snow/ice sure aren’t helping on the running front).  But other than that, I’m feeling great! We’re the class of threes – […]