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When I was a kid, one whole wall in our kitchen was covered with a long bulletin board.  Half was used for current events (homeschooling kids never leave the classroom, no matter where they are), and the other half was covered with pictures of friends and family.  Some of the people on that board I’d […]

It’s been a great month. :-)  A month of confirmation, of service, of challenges, of catching the vision (again), of food, fun, family, and fellowship!  And I am loving my camera!  (As are other members of my family…) Here are a few shots that capture the essence of November 2010.  Enjoy! More pictures are here, […]

Every November since 2005 I’ve had the incredible privilege of attending the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY.  What began as an exploration of God’s call quickly became a yearly heart check-up – a time to pray, surrender, and be reminded of God’s passion for the nations.  This past weekend, I attended the GMHC […]

I love my church. :-) And I love being a part of what God has been doing in the past month! Yesterday, in the “happy providence of God,” both Dr. Ryken and Dr. Tripp were preaching on Romans 8:31-39.  Morning focus: love.  Evening focus: hope.  Main point of both sermons: I cannot view God’s promises […]

I submitted the complete, long application to InterServe today. Phew. Well, phew for the moment, anyway. The next 8-10 weeks will be crazy busy as I prepare to attend candidate orientation in mid-February.  Psychological evaluations (yay).  Interviews.  Getting to know InterServe, and InterServe getting to know me (and my family and friends).  And in the […]