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Made My Day…


On Thursday I got a large white envelope in the mail.  It totally made my day!  Inside were notes from “my” fifth graders at church – the kids I’ve watched grow up from Pre-K! Most of them were the heartfelt, “I loved having you as my teacher and hope you’re learning a lot,” type of […]

So out here in glorious Colorado we’re back in the swing of classes after a terrific weekend.  Last Friday the language-acquisition portion of my five weeks here wrapped up, and on Monday we began the cultural adaptation part (a.k.a. the gut-spilling part).  There were only 14 of us here over the weekend, and we got […]

You know that saying, A picture is worth a thousand words?  Here you go. To see more pics of OTHER people and THEIR craziness (such as lighting HANDS on fire!), check out Picasa. :-)

So on Monday I arrived in Colorado for five weeks of pre-field training.  I’ve decided I love it here. :-) Here’s the view out my window yesterday morning: The rock is called Elephant Rock, but unfortunately it’s on private property so I can’t go climb it.  However, what you can’t see in the picture (besides […]

Life (For Real)


It’s been a busy month.  Not that any month is ever NOT busy, but September seems to have been more full than usual.  It all began very normally – work, Labor Day, church, family – all the ordinary stuff. But then September 8 was my last day of work.  Weird.  I mean, weird beyond not […]