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October Wrap-Up


Wow, October?!! (Original stuff here.) Zechariah and Malachi to finish off the OT, then Matthew, Mark, Luke, and started John. Ephesians 6:10-20 (well, began working on it, anyway – in Sunday School). Hoping to have at least one application done before I head to the big medical missions conference in 12 days. :-)  Pray! Got […]

Really.  Not 10.  Just 2. Pray for me this month as I (very) seriously consider applying to a mission agency. Pray that things will work out so that I can be a part of Tenth’s trip to Colombia in August. More on Mexico later this week. :-)

About my life right now, anyway.  So essentially it’s just a start. I wish I knew… How much longer I’m going to be in the states. How much longer I’m going to be at my current job. If I’ll ever go back to graduate school, and if yes, for what?! If Colombia is where I’ll […]

January Wrap-Up


Well, here it is – the end of January.  The month went so much faster than I was expecting!  So throughout 2009, I plan to review each month and see how I’m doing with those 10 things I hope to do this year.  January was a pretty good month (thank you, Lord!) with a few […]

Jesús Me Ama No Hay Dios La Canción de la Banana Yo Tengo Un Amigo Yo Tengo Un Barco He Decidido Seguir a Cristo Padre Abraham Alelu, Aleluia Tú Nombre Exaltaré Dios de lo Imposible Some of these have obvious English equivalents.  We’ve had some fun in Sunday School learning a song in both languages […]