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…for every time someone said to me, “Maybe you’re called to Philly…” I’d probably have most of my support raised to go overseas by now. :-) I can tell you this: today I’m called to Philly.  I love this city – I love my church, love my work in the city, love having friends in […]

I’ve always had a love for the simplicity of old hymns.  Tenth is big on hymns – singing them, writing them, arranging them, discussing them, etc.  But mostly singing.  My hymn repertoire has grown exponentially since coming to Tenth (I remember one of the first Sundays we visited – “These people are crazy!” I thought.  […]

Romans 8


January is traditionally a month of “new things” – a new year, a fresh start, new habits (hopefully) formed, and the expectation that even more new things will happen during the coming year.  The only reason I love January is because it shouts newness so loudly. :-) I am thrilled to bits about the new […]

GMHC processing is coming, but here’s a preview by way of a picture from last Sunday (11/8).  For Tenth’s annual Global Outreach Conference (this year focused on Asia), I decided to go ethnic.  What fun!  I’m wearing a shalwar kameez – this one obviously a feminine version (both men and women wear this type of […]

This Sunday marked the first day “back” for many things – it was essentially the kick-off Sunday for the “regular” year at Tenth.  The Philly Distance Run and after-church plans (and several sick siblings) complicated “lift-off” time for me, but the day went quite well, all things considered.  Thank you, Lord! Over the summer, attendance […]