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I’m quitting Facebook in 10 days. I joined last May – as a kick because I turned 25, but also to keep in touch with people at a job I was leaving.  (Oh, and to see what the fuss was all about.)  I’ve enjoyed being a Facebook user – for the most part.  I mean, […]

2009 in Review


I can’t believe it’s over.  I know I said that already, but hey, just because I said it…  So I’m going to look at the original list that I published on January 2 (and amended in July) and see how the year went… Read through the Bible in Spanish (again).  Yes.  Finished this morning.  In […]

DMC News – Newsy stuff for people who attend or are members of Tenth Presbyterian Church. 22 Words – Abraham Piper (John Piper’s son) explores various topics in 22 words or less. Amy’s Humble Musings – Amy Scott, mother of six children age ten and younger, blogs about, well, life. The Rebelution – twins Alex […]