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Life (For Real)


It’s been a busy month.  Not that any month is ever NOT busy, but September seems to have been more full than usual.  It all began very normally – work, Labor Day, church, family – all the ordinary stuff. But then September 8 was my last day of work.  Weird.  I mean, weird beyond not […]

Stuff to think about. Like Radical. Lord, work in me!  Work through me! (Thanks to a friend on Twitter – also headed overseas – for sharing this.)

Wouldn’t life be simpler if Jesus were as easy to follow as someone on Twitter?  Or, for that matter, if you could just remove the parts of your life you don’t like by “un-following” them?  If trending were somehow God’s way of keeping us all informed of what was happening – even what was about […]

Since I first heard the phrase way back at the beginning of the summer, I’ve been slowly turning this idea around in my head… What does it mean to be crazy normal for Jesus? “If it seems we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God. And if we are in our right minds, […]

Enjoying Summer


It’s summer, it’s hot, and, thanks to some outdoor time, I’m a little less white than usual. :D The Lord has me in this terrific place where I don’t have a concrete plan for the when/how/what of life starting in the very near future.  Terribly uncomfortable, but I sense Him telling me to not try […]