Don’t Waste Your LifeDon’t Waste Your Life (John Piper,  When you get to the end of your life, what will you have to show for it?  What you do today will shape the rest of your life – so think and act accordingly.

Preach and Heal (Charles Fielding, MD)  How did Jesus do ministry?  Which is more important – telling the good news or showing the good news?  Are we even asking the right questions here?

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting WorldA Praying Life (Paul Miller) For those of us who love the idea of “Pray without ceasing” but don’t know how to really get there in real life.  Seriously changed how I pray – and how I view prayer.

Searching for God Knows What (Donald Miller)  There’s nothing like seeing the most important relationship ever from a different perspective.  What if Christianity IS supposed to be more like falling in love than following a list of rules?

Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every NationOperation World (Jason Mandryke, The updated 7th edition provides an in-depth prayer guide for the entire world – one country at a time.

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless GodCrazy Love (Francis Chan,  What is God’s love really about?  How can I experience that love?

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WaDunn, A sometimes-graphic discussion of the challenges women around the world face simply because they are women.  Along with Three Cups of Tea, this secular book has opened my eyes to the vast needs of those far away from the comfort and security of life in the US – and what anyone can do to help.

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy CarmichaelA Chance to Die (Elisabeth Elliot)  The life of Amy Carmichael (missionary to India).  A classic missionary biography.

The Journals of Jim ElliotThe Journals of Jim Elliot (Elisabeth Elliot)  A glimpse into the life of Jim Elliot, one of five missionaries martyred in Ecuador in 1956.  Deep.  Inspiring.

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian MissionsFrom Jerusalem to Irian Jaya (Ruth Tucker)  “A biographical history of Christian missions.”


Global Missions Health Conference [GMHC] (  Incredible conference for medical professionals and students who are (interested in) serving the Lord in medicine.  This annual conference takes place in Louisville, KY the second weekend of November.

Advanced Medical Leadership Training [AMLT] (  A 10-day crash course in tropical medicine, serving overseas, and how to put the two together.  Offered by Mission to the World [MTW], the global outreach arm of the Presbyterian Church in America [PCA].

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (  If you’re considering any type of Kingdom service at all, this is a must-do.  Rocked my world, changed my life, etc.  Disclaimer: Echoing others, don’t take this course if you’re comfortable with your life as it is.

The Summer Medical Institute [SMI] (  Another great way to ruin your life… ;-)  The SMI is an annual short-term opportunity that provides hands-on training to students who want to integrate their practice as healthcare professionals with their lives as disciples of Jesus.


Dr. John Patrick ( A British Canadian medical doctor tackles bioethics a la C. S. Lewis.  Head-warping stuff.  Fabulous insight if you can understand it. :-)

Messages from my pastors at Tenth ( can be found at Sermon Audio.  Ryken, Tripp, and Goligher are pretty amazing…

Tim Keller (, pastor of NYC’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, has hundreds of sermons online.  Oh, and he’s written some pretty life-changing books, too.

Dr. Charles Fielding (  Author of Preach and Heal (see above).  We’ve got to count the cost of true discipleship!  For die-hard Chuck-ites, you’ll find a second message here.

web Especially for those who have come out of ATI/IBLP.


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