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Just Showed Up


A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went to Vermont for a few days to do nothing.  On our drive up, we listened to a great mix of Sovereign Grace, Indelible Grace, and Sara Groves (and some other stuff I can’t remember right now).  On Monday, one of my sisters and I were […]

This is a good day.  Any day that involves Sunfish, water, sailing, and family is a good day.  Got them all today. :D Local state park + Granddad’s two Sunfish + sun in the summer = I’m happy. My dad and brother rig the second boat… about to hoist the mainsail.  I love sailing jargon. […]

The Milky Way


When I first learned the Milky Way was the galaxy which our little solar system calls “home,” I was a little disappointed.  That’s because my earliest memory of Milky Way had the word Farm attached, not galaxy. I realized when I googled it that my Milky Way Farm is not the only one, but I […]

I LOVE the beach.  And I’m really loving my camera…  We’re on vacation this week – probably the last family vacation before I head overseas.  It’s bittersweet, but we’re enjoying the fabulous weather at the shore. We’ve been having interesting dinner-table conversations.  Last night each of us had to give an oral book report on […]

Last Tuesday, I worked my last shift at the hospital.  I’d worked 50 out of the past 60 months at CCH.  It wasn’t just where I was born, where I became a nurse, or where I worked.  My coworkers – doctors, nurses, and staff – were family to me. When I first started working at […]