The Past Week (in pics)


So I can’t believe I’ve been in Colorado almost four weeks…  That seems crazy!  We got another 6″ or so of snow yesterday, so here’s how the world looked from my window at sunrise this morning…

Several of us watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Tuesday night as it was beginning to snow – and then on Wednesday, I had Christmas with my growth group!  (Baked cookies, drank hot cocoa, listened to Christmas music, opened “stockings,” and sat around the fireplace and talked – we did a good job wasting time together!)

Last weekend I got to spend some time off-campus with others who are attending this training… we visited the Air Force Academy and Focus on the Family on Saturday.

The Chapel at the Air Force Academy

"Whit" from Adventures in Odyssey - in the floor tiles in the REAL Odyssey at Focus on the Family's Headquarters!

I’ve done my fair share of sledding, cross fit, and sliding down 3-story slides as I spend time with the kids here (grown-up and otherwise).  And I’ve growled myself hoarse playing lion, run around with a passenger on my back as a horse, and just generally had some good fun. :-)  More pics, as always, can be found on Picasa!

But not everything here is fun and games; I’m doing some serious learning, too.  We’ve been looking at conflict (I’m a turtle), stress, the process of crossing cultures (settled-unsettling-chaos-resettling-new settled), and tomorrow we’ll be spending time on the concept of Sabbath.  Today our entire morning was devoted to “Who You Are Under Stress,” which is code for a simulation.  I survived intact, in case you were wondering…  (Though with some good things to ponder.)

Thanks for your continued prayers as I get ready to wrap up this training!  I’m excited to see what November holds…


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