Life (For Real)


It’s been a busy month.  Not that any month is ever NOT busy, but September seems to have been more full than usual.  It all began very normally – work, Labor Day, church, family – all the ordinary stuff.

But then September 8 was my last day of work.  Weird.  I mean, weird beyond not having a paycheck and not getting up at the same time everyday to do the same thing as I did yesterday.  I don’t think the reality has really set in yet.  Probably won’t for a while, given all the other transitions that are currently on the docket.

The very next day, my sister and I drove nine hours to North Carolina (passing through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia on the way), where we spent the weekend with our wonderful aunt and uncle before heading to a week of training.  It was eerie, actually, because we drove back to summer that day.  Strange.  The weekend was spent out on the water – jet ski, boat, tube.  In that order.  It was restful but, well, weird.  Like a good vacation that wasn’t quite long enough.

We borrowed 13 Tim Keller sermons on CD from our aunt and uncle (because we thought maybe the 75 or so we had on our combined iPods/computers might not be enough) and drove two more hours to a lovely place in the mountains called Providence Farm.  The training was terrific, but more important – the silence gave me time to think (just a little) and feel (even less).  I journaled in the pasture and drank coffee at breakfast so I wouldn’t be completely anti-social (you know, introvert time and all that).  I’ve posted some pictures over on Picasa

On our way home from NC, we detoured to visit Samaritan’s Purse headquarters in Boone and then took the long route home through Shenandoah National Park.  The weather changed our last day in NC, so it was cold, rainy, and foggy pretty much the whole way up Skyline Drive.  Still, the mountains were pretty, plus we saw a black bear in the wild (WAY up in a tree, eating lunch).

I had two short days at home before heading out on the next adventure – this time with a friend to New England.  We drove through New Jersey and New York on our way to the Long Island Ferry, which took us to New London, CT.  We stayed in Newport, RI for a few days (happiness equals the ocean, hiking, and sailing – all on the same day!), and then she headed back to Philly and I continued north through Massachusetts and New Hampshire to Maine.  (Pictures of the adventure are posted here, though they may not make a whole lot of sense.)

I’d always dreamed of visiting Maine, and I have to say I was not disappointed. :-)  Of course I visited the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport (there are some things about me that resemble “normal,” you know).  I had a lovely dinner with my California aunt and uncle (who were in Maine to visit their daughter), and then spent the night in Lewiston with my cousin.   I drove back to Philly the next day after spending an hour taking in the Portland waterfront.

Yes, September has been full.  12 states, over a thousand miles on my car (plus at least another thousand on my sister’s), too many Tim Keller sermons to count (listened to NINE different sermons – a whole series – on Ephesians 5:21-33 on my way to and from Maine), and now I’m in the midst of packing – for Colorado (I leave Monday for five weeks) and to move.


Anybody see a problem pattern here?

One of my mentors certainly did.  So Tuesday night she got me thinking – HARD – about a lot of things.  She asked me all sorts of unanswerable/difficult questions over dinner, which lasted about four hours.  Over the past few days, between packing boxes, cleaning, and sleeping, I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and reasoning.  I’ve realized a few things, and I’m sure more stuff is on the way.

Much as I would like to think my life is something of an open book, I’ve got to admit that the three things I think about most frequently (details of where I’m going, singleness, and recovering from ATI/IBLP) have almost never been discussed here.  I guess that means I’m going to have to go through at least two of them to actually process.  Ugh.  Oh well.  Better now than never…

So the next few posts (probably from Colorado) may be a little heavier than normal.  Pray for me as I work through stuff in my head – and eventually work it out on paper and here on the blog.  Pray also that I’ll learn well and continue to heed the Lord’s voice.  All I want is to glorify Him…


One Response to “Life (For Real)”

  1. 1 Mom

    wonderful post, Susanna. Thanks for sharing so much of your heart. Your photos are beautiful. You are, too. Love, Mom.

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