Hugs, Tears, and Goodbyes: Episode Two


Ten days ago it happened again.  I said goodbye to another “family.”  As crazy as my hospital family was, my Esperanza family was even crazier. :D

I’m the white girl in the middle (in case you were wondering).  That was good cake!

Thank you, Andrea, for giving me this opportunity!

Nursing Teammates Michelle, Isabel, Andrea, and Sandra.

Marilyn, Jen, and Damaris.

Sinia and Carmen.  Back desk is always better with chocolate…

Maria, Madelin, and Yameliz run a hub.

Yoly and Taina run 6FD.

With Yadira in back desk.

Nancy and Sarita. :-)

This is how I really felt about leaving.

Note: It’s dangerous to give your camera to someone and then make silly faces.

I love my Esperanza family.  I love what I’ve learned from them.  I loved the loud, boisterous lunch room.  I loved everybody talking at once (what are we, Hispanic?!).  I loved watching teams – medical, clerical, providers – form and work well together.  I loved spending time with God at Esperanza – in devotions, prayer group, huddle, and randomly throughout the day.  I loved praying at Esperanza.  I loved being a part of the OB launch team.  I loved being accepted and loved by my coworkers. 

I loved that “crazy” was an unwritten job requirement.  For everyone. :D 

I loved that God totally took me outside my comfort zone – yes, I can do chest pain, colds, and earaches.  Now, anyway. 

I love that Esperanza wasn’t a part of my plan, but it had God’s fingerprints all over it.  Wow.  Never refuse something the Lord gives, no matter how scary it seems!

Most of all, I love my Esperanza family especially because they were willing to let me go – as hard and painful as that was for all of us, they sent me out with their blessing.  They encouraged me to continue listening to the Lord.  To continue heading down the path He has set before me, even if all of us would have preferred to just keep everything the same.  What a joy it was to work in a place where our primary goal was to share the love of Jesus!  I will never forget Esperanza.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing me hope!


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