If Jesus Were Easy to Follow


Wouldn’t life be simpler if Jesus were as easy to follow as someone on Twitter?  Or, for that matter, if you could just remove the parts of your life you don’t like by “un-following” them?  If trending were somehow God’s way of keeping us all informed of what was happening – even what was about to happen?

Or even better, wouldn’t it be great if every morning God sent a detailed message – top in my Gmail priority inbox – that listed what I need to do today to walk more closely with Him?

Ah, life would be easy then, would it not?

Because as it is, I feel like every day begins a new search.  It’s unpredictable.  There’s no guarantee that things I plan will actually come to pass.  And there are days when I’m tempted to think I know better than the Creator of the universe how to handle what He gives me!

Of course it doesn’t work that way.

Have you ever stopped to think how much technology has removed the need for real relationships?  And how asking God to be as accessible and responsive as Twitter/Facebook/Google/insert-favorite-social-media-here totally removes the need for relationship?  If I could ask God a question and get the answer as quickly as hitting “enter” on Google, I don’t think I’d worry too much about understanding Jesus, His plan for the world, or where I can join Him in that plan.  If God were a simple answer machine, there would be no point in spending time with Him.

If Jesus were easy to follow, I’m not sure I’d be all that interested in following.

There’s something in me that needs a challenge.  I’m in this as much for the adventure as I am because God is sovereign and has pulled me in.  Part of that adventure is the sure certainty of coming to know Jesus, personally, through His word.  And then there’s the adrenaline of not knowing what’s ahead, but having complete trust that it will ALL turn out well in the end.

So how ironic is it that I’m posting these random musings on a blog?  Where random people can see what I’m thinking without actually engaging in conversation with me?  Pretty random.  Pretty disconnected.  Okay.  So I’m going to go have dinner with a real friend, eating real food, with real conversation about what the Lord is doing in our lives…

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