Enjoying Summer


It’s summer, it’s hot, and, thanks to some outdoor time, I’m a little less white than usual. :D

The Lord has me in this terrific place where I don’t have a concrete plan for the when/how/what of life starting in the very near future.  Terribly uncomfortable, but I sense Him telling me to not try to figure things out.  When will I go?  Where will I live?  What will I do?  How will it all work out?  Um, I don’t know.  So I’m actively trusting Jesus to be at work in my life.  He’s done some pretty amazing stuff in the past when I just wait for Him.  It’s HARD to not know what’s ahead, so pray that I will be content to rest and wait for Him.

Anyway, in the midst of the waiting and not-knowing, I’m enjoying some great summertime weather.  The week we were over 100˙ three days in a row I did cave and seek air conditioning for sleep, but for the most part a fan and plenty of water and cool showers do the trick.  Saturday I took a day trip to the Poconos with several coworkers.  The best part of the trip was being able to breathe REAL FRESH AIR!  (Every now and then I take a nice deep breath at home, thinking how lovely a breeze is or something like that, and I end up choking on diesel fumes.  Fun.)  It was a very refreshing “hike.”

Jen, Deborah, and Michelle

With my wonderful boss, Andrea.

Deborah (my roommate) and I do the only appropriate thing to do under the circumstances... We got good and wet!

Jen, being a good sport. :-) (Though the teasing was not unfounded...)

Eight waterfalls on the hike; the two flanking Bridal Veil Falls were called Bridesmaids Falls.

Hooray for woods and hiking without visible power or phone lines... (It's the little stuff that counts.)

Deborah and I both wore our Vibram Five Fingers to hike (my feet show, her feet don't). That in itself made the day awesome!

With Jen, who has become quite a dear friend. :-) We're trouble together.

Susanna, Michelle, Deborah, Jen, and Andrea. Gorgeous day, fun times!


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