Raspberries and Chocolate


Sunday night’s SMI (Summer Medical Institute) kickoff dinner went well. :-)  It really was a joy to host this year’s team as they finished up their community orientation.  What a difference a year can make!  Last year’s SMI was totally life-changing for me (blogged during, after, and processing), basically culminating in moving to the neighborhood where SMI took place.  I wonder what God has in store this year?!

The Lord is really at work in my neighborhood – whether or not I can see it.  It’s such a blessing to have sweet fellowship with new friends and not-so-new friends – it’s the God-given raspberry-chocolate moments that make life so beautiful!  Speaking of raspberries and chocolate…

I made my sister’s prize-winning raspberry chocolate cake for the SMI team (it’s my favorite cake to make).  Still have a little leftover ganache in the fridge. :-) YUM.

Despite the flurry of busy-ness, I’ve found time here and there to ponder this new season of waiting God has sent to me.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say it feels like mud, this stuck-ness and delay, while in actuality, the waiting is probably more like chocolate ganache.  I’d much rather see the waiting for what I’m sure it is – a wonderful blessing from the Lord – than what it feels like.  But my own best attempts at attitude adjustment fall far short of God’s standard, so in the process I get to learn more about trust.  Again. :-)  Pray with me as I seek to keep Jesus central in the everyday, waiting moments.  This is real life; I don’t have to wait for it to begin.

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