A Day in the Life


I like Saturdays.  Today was especially nice – the humidity was lower, I took a lot of pictures, and the day ended with chocolate ganache in preparation for fun times tomorrow. :D

The best summer Saturdays always involve swimming.  This morning I went to the last home meet my youngest sister will have this season – she did an awesome job (dropped a second on her fly time!).

I love going back to the swim club where I grew up.  Although I aged out in 2002, I’m still very much a Stingray.  And some things just never, EVER change (so glad there’s some stability in life – even if it’s my childhood swim coach!).

Added bonus: several of my fellow nurses from the hospital have kids on the team, so I got to catch up with one of my favorite people!

As an aside, it still amuses me that my parents found a swim club where the competition suits were navy and white.  I’m just sayin’…

So then I had some fun with my camera…

...green tomatoes back at my parents' house...

...daisies enjoying the sunshine...

Finally did some grocery shopping and then came home.

My boss came to hang out and have dinner (and help me make cake for tomorrow!) – I really enjoyed spending time with her outside of work. :-)  As we were getting dinner together, we heard the SCREEEEEEEECH – BANG! of a car accident out front.  Since all three of us are nurses (my boss, my roommate, and I), we ran to the living room window to make sure nobody was hurt.  Turns out a big ole’ red pickup truck had slammed into the back of a Septa bus (and the Septa bus was not at fault).  No one was hurt, but the bus appeared to be leaking fluid, and the pickup decided he had better things to be doing with a Saturday afternoon, so he took off.  We went back to making dinner (the crowd from our neighborhood off-road vehicle shop was providing an ample audience for the drama), and went back to check things out 10 minutes later when sirens announced the arrival of the fire trucks.

It wasn’t until a few of the firemen decided to push the bus off the boulevard that I ran to get my camera.  I missed the interesting bit (that would have been a cool picture, huh?!) (seriously! what guys do for attention!), but I did capture a little of the action. :-)  These pics were all taken from my living room window (okay, so I hung out the window to get them…).

Replacement bus, fire engine, and police diverting traffic down our street from the boulevard.

The injured bus after the firemen cleaned the fluid off the street.

Bye bye, bus. The police take Septa for a ride as firemen look on.

Any day is interesting that includes fire department activity right in front of your house, right?!  My boss was surprised it took so long for the police to arrive (both the fire department and the rescue squad arrived before the police).  I wasn’t all the surprised – the police don’t hang out much in my neighborhood.  Ha!  (Maybe that’s a good thing?)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – and will definitely post mouth-watering pictures of the cake when it’s done (but there probably won’t be leftovers as we’re expecting 40 for dinner…)!

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