The Bulletin Board (and other motivational topics)


When I was a kid, one whole wall in our kitchen was covered with a long bulletin board.  Half was used for current events (homeschooling kids never leave the classroom, no matter where they are), and the other half was covered with pictures of friends and family.  Some of the people on that board I’d never met (still haven’t).  Others are friends so close I call them “Aunt” and “Uncle.”  It was a sad day when the kitchen was remodeled and that dear bulletin board found a new home… (It’s a little scary to be remembering something that ceased to exist 18 years ago – eeek, I must be getting old!)

So when I moved out last year, my own version of The Bulletin Board was a must.

I’ve run out of space on the board itself – most spots are two or three papers deep. :-)  Each item that’s on there illustrates a piece of me…  My number bibs from all the 5K races I ran last year.  Pictures of good friends and fellow laborers for Christ.  Questions that I go back to when I forget why I’m doing what I’m doing.  Notes that mean a lot to me.  Original works of art I was given by some of my favorite students.  Scripture that never fails to encourage me.  Fun pins.  My commitment cards from three years of the GMHC.  A tiny framed picture of the beach – with “Dreams Come True” etched in the sand.

There are many mornings when The Bulletin Board is the first thing I see when I open my eyes.  In a sense, it’s a whole cluster of Ebenezer stones, all piled above my desk.  In one way or another, each item proves God is actively at work in my heart and life – shaping, molding, and changing me as I seek Him.

Across the room I’ve taped up a very meaningful piece of green construction paper.

One morning in May, our devotions at work focused on encouraging each other – in a tangible way.  Everybody got a paper and a marker.   Once I wrote my name on that paper, it got passed all around the room for my coworkers to write what they really thought of me. ;-)  Anonymously.  (Except, of course, for my roommate – she’s the one who wrote “Roommie”!)  The result is something I’m going to treasure forever.  It’s just another reminder that God knows what He’s doing – whether I understand it or not. :-)

Pray for me as I have the opportunity – again! – to see how different God’s plans for my life are from my own plans.  While I *knew* this newest “adjustment” was probably coming, I was also hoping desperately that it wouldn’t.  So pray that I will indeed be “Susanna” – the graceful one, but God’s grace, as He asks me to follow Him.

It will all be worth it some day.  The best dream of all will come true….


3 Responses to “The Bulletin Board (and other motivational topics)”

  1. 1 F

    Thanks for sharing that, what a beautiful board of memories and reminders – I want one!

  2. 2 Skip

    I Like Bush too – and today is his Birthday!! Fun post – great idea from your co-workers…

  3. 3 Lesley

    How did I miss this post? So encouraging! Thank you!

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