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The Milky Way


When I first learned the Milky Way was the galaxy which our little solar system calls “home,” I was a little disappointed.  That’s because my earliest memory of Milky Way had the word Farm attached, not galaxy. I realized when I googled it that my Milky Way Farm is not the only one, but I […]

Sunday night’s SMI (Summer Medical Institute) kickoff dinner went well. :-)  It really was a joy to host this year’s team as they finished up their community orientation.  What a difference a year can make!  Last year’s SMI was totally life-changing for me (blogged during, after, and processing), basically culminating in moving to the neighborhood […]

I like Saturdays.  Today was especially nice – the humidity was lower, I took a lot of pictures, and the day ended with chocolate ganache in preparation for fun times tomorrow. :D The best summer Saturdays always involve swimming.  This morning I went to the last home meet my youngest sister will have this season […]

When I was a kid, one whole wall in our kitchen was covered with a long bulletin board.  Half was used for current events (homeschooling kids never leave the classroom, no matter where they are), and the other half was covered with pictures of friends and family.  Some of the people on that board I’d […]