A Coffee-Less Week


Seven days of coffee-free-ness.  And I’ve survived!

Last week I was status-post vacation, so was finding it relatively difficult to live life according to the demands of an alarm clock.  Therefore, I decided the best solution was a cup of coffee – spread over the trip to work, devotions, and about half the morning.  Only I didn’t make just any coffee.  I made serious, concentrated coffee that got diluted with boiled milk – the way I learned real coffee is made when I visited Mysteristan and spent time with my European co-workers.  Talk about delicious!

The only problem was the mega-dose of caffeine.

At first it was a good thing.  I was getting stuff done!  I was awake during the day!  I had energy!!!  (Caffeine makes me way more extroverted…)

But then the crash.

I finally realized I was having issues when I didn’t fall asleep until 2am Thursday morning.  And then at work Thursday I was seeing stars.  And had a headache.  And was dizzy when I turned on my chair – despite my normal water intake, which is over 2 liters a day.  My fellow triage nurse noticed my coffee cup – and drew the obvious conclusion.  I thought I was still adjusting from the lax vacation “schedule.”  Ha.  Nope.

As an experiment, I banished coffee for a week.  Guess what?  Sleeping like a “normal” person (except when the car alarm going off outside my window sounds too much like mine to just stay asleep – which, fortunately, is infrequent).  No headaches. :-)  No dizziness or seeing spots.

I happen to think the drastic drop in humidity since Saturday has something to do with sleeping better, but that’s just my personal opinion…

What d’ya think?  Back to coffee on Tuesday?!

And since I’m on the subject of food, my roommate has built an incredible garden in our side yard.  Totally enjoying all the fabulous fresh produce. :-) (Pic taken at dusk after a cookout a couple of weeks ago – from our 2nd-floor kitchen window.)

One Response to “A Coffee-Less Week”

  1. 1 Anne

    Thank you for posting… You made me smile today :) I look forward to hearing more as you journey forward… Know that we are praying for you

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