The Best Part of Work


The fact that I’m posting about the “best part of work” on a Friday evening might be a little misleading…  But no, I am not here to say the best part of my job is the weekend. :-)  I love that I have weekends off (what a concept!!!), but this week I actually had one of the most awesome days of work ever.

Tuesday was all-staff retreat.

I am one of 99 official employees of EHC.  On Tuesday, rather than gather for devotions before a full day of caring for patients, those of us who were scheduled to work met at a park. :-)  Awesome, huh?!  This was my first staff retreat, but it’s something that happens three times a year – both clinic sites are closed and everyone gathers somewhere away from work for a day of refreshment, relationships, and reflection.

On Tuesday we did start with worship – which continued throughout the whole day.  I love love LOVE that I work at a place where my personal relationship with Jesus is strengthened on a daily basis!  Tuesday was a super-size of that…

The leaders at my job are incredibly humble.  While I’m sure each person who works at EHC has a picture of what the “perfect job” or “perfect workplace” would look like, not many employers would take the time to listen to the normal people who carry out the daily grunt-work to run something.  Not so with EHC.  Part of our day was spent as individuals and then small groups thinking and talking about what we as a clinic do well and where we need to improve – and then we all came back together and had the opportunity to share our ideas with the whole group.

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While the overall tone of the retreat was reflective, that didn’t stop us from having fun…  Games have such a way of bringing out true personalities!  I had a ball catching some of the intensity from the “safety” of my camera. :-)

After a very full morning, we went to a nearby church for lunch (everyone brought something to share), more worship, and a wonderful message/challenge from a local pastor.  We had been talking about our core values the whole day, and this pastor encouraged us to grow in maturity (using Paul’s letter as a springboard).

At the end of the message, he invited anyone who desired prayer to come forward.  I’m not quite sure what compelled me to get up and go forward, but I did – and ended up weeping as the Lord showed me again that He knows exactly what I need.  I’d never met this pastor before, but the Holy Spirit was clearly speaking through him as he prayed for me.  God’s presence was incredibly evident to me – after praying powerfully for me, the pastor simply said, “Susanna, the Lord just wants you to know you’re not alone.”  I needed to hear that spoken.

I’m not sure I’ll ever completely understand why the Lord brought be back to EHC, but I am grateful that He did.  In a sense, I’m being “girded” (to use the King James) for the work ahead.  I guess the “modern” way to say that is that I’m being equipped for service.  The tools are before me, as are living, breathing examples of how to use what I will have wherever God calls me.  I’m in a place where I’m experiencing significant spiritual renewal – even in the midst of intense patient encounters and a workload that is, at times, quite draining.

I don’t know if the renewal is because of or in spite of the equipping, but I am continually reminded that God IS working all things together for good.  He is so faithful!!  His promises are true.  Hallelujah!


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