Caution: Change Ahead


Well, I’m thinking I need to do something to make blogging more of a priority, so from now til I head overseas (L*rd willing, in October!), I’m going to try to post a picture and a brief snippet of life each week.  I’m also going to start blogging in code – using phrases, abbreviations, and alternate spellings to help you get a sense of how to communicate with me without attracting unnecessary attention once I’m on the field. :-)

June!  Wow.  Where has this year gone?!  June started out with the first of several trainings I will be doing before heading to Mysteristan. :-)  This one, the Summer Institute on Isl*m, was a fabulous week-long intro to working with M*slims.

Most of us attending the class are headed to serve overseas – a few in southern Europe, a few in North Africa.  (I was way out in right field with Central Asia.)  We learned a lot about common beliefs, common objections to Chr*st, and how to dialogue with M*slims who are genuinely interested in Jes*s.  The best takeaway  was this – “Nothing works, so try everything” – in relation to how to speak the Truth.  I feel I have a much better framework for further learning now (and that’s good, because there’s a ton of learning ahead!).

Please continue to pr*y for me as there are MANY things on my ever-growing to-do list.  It can be SO difficult to make time for what must be done… juggling work, family, friends, support-raising, and life seems way more complicated than it should be!  Through everything, I’m incredibly grateful for the Father’s presence and continued guidance – I can’t wait to see where this adventure goes!


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