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Seven days of coffee-free-ness.  And I’ve survived! Last week I was status-post vacation, so was finding it relatively difficult to live life according to the demands of an alarm clock.  Therefore, I decided the best solution was a cup of coffee – spread over the trip to work, devotions, and about half the morning.  Only […]

The fact that I’m posting about the “best part of work” on a Friday evening might be a little misleading…  But no, I am not here to say the best part of my job is the weekend. :-)  I love that I have weekends off (what a concept!!!), but this week I actually had one […]

I just finished listening to Tim Keller’s “Your Plans: God’s Plans” sermon. Wow. I can so relate.  Just what I needed tonight…  I have lots of plans – hopes, dreams, desires, deadlines, stuff in the future I’ve already paid money to attend, you get the picture.  But in listening to this sermon, I realized that […]

I LOVE the beach.  And I’m really loving my camera…  We’re on vacation this week – probably the last family vacation before I head overseas.  It’s bittersweet, but we’re enjoying the fabulous weather at the shore. We’ve been having interesting dinner-table conversations.  Last night each of us had to give an oral book report on […]

Well, I’m thinking I need to do something to make blogging more of a priority, so from now til I head overseas (L*rd willing, in October!), I’m going to try to post a picture and a brief snippet of life each week.  I’m also going to start blogging in code – using phrases, abbreviations, and […]