November in Pictures


It’s been a great month. :-)  A month of confirmation, of service, of challenges, of catching the vision (again), of food, fun, family, and fellowship!  And I am loving my camera!  (As are other members of my family…)

Here are a few shots that capture the essence of November 2010.  Enjoy!

Camping in Kentucky. This year, 33 "Philly" people stayed at the same house in Louisville while we attended the Global Missions Health Conference. The braver/crazier ones (that would be including me) stayed outside in tents! (Don't they have a great view from their back porch?!)

"Where will you be involved?" It's the question every year...

November Outreach! A week after Louisville, my roommate and I hosted about 40 people for an incredible outreach! We offered physical and spiritual health screenings to our community. Awesome!

Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) was, as usual, VERY yummy. :-)

The day after Thanksgiving, I ran a "Turkey Burner" 5K with one of my sisters and one of my coworkers. Lots of fun. :-)

After the Turkey Burner, we went home and made gingerbread houses (with LOTS of candy).

Holidays always equal lots of time with family and friends. I'm so grateful I got to see my godparents and godsisters (among others...)!

Finally, in an unusual twist for my family, we decorated for Christmas while un-decorating from Thanksgiving. Best tree in a long time (good work, Mom!) and it looks lovely. :-)

More pictures are here, here, and here.  Happy November!

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