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It’s been a great month. :-)  A month of confirmation, of service, of challenges, of catching the vision (again), of food, fun, family, and fellowship!  And I am loving my camera!  (As are other members of my family…) Here are a few shots that capture the essence of November 2010.  Enjoy! More pictures are here, […]

Every November since 2005 I’ve had the incredible privilege of attending the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY.  What began as an exploration of God’s call quickly became a yearly heart check-up – a time to pray, surrender, and be reminded of God’s passion for the nations.  This past weekend, I attended the GMHC […]

Bridge Swinging


While I was in South Africa, I heard about a fascinating extreme sport that seemed to provide an excellent metaphor for where I am in life.  It’s called bridge swinging, and it combines aspects of bungee jumping and skydiving.  Although I don’t ever plan to literally jump off a bridge (with or without a harness) […]