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As a word of warning, this is a rather disjointed post. But hopefully the title gave that away. :-) There’s something about sunset over the salt marsh that always gets my mind dreaming, imagining, and just generally thinking out of the box.  Contrary to the pattern of a “normal” vacation for my family, it has […]

What is it like to close your eyes in this life and open them in heaven?  What’s it like to know you have only minutes to live?  What goes through your head when you realize all your dreams are not happening – but momentarily The Dream will come gloriously to life?  What is that first […]

Over halfway through the year and, wow, is it ever different from what I imagined!  God seems to be quite adept at the “spin,” though, and the way life is turning out is way more incredible than the way I’d imagined it. :-)  SMI wasn’t on my list, but I’m so glad it was on […]