July Wrap-Up


The end of the month… again?  There are three semi-thought-out posts hovering in the wings, but like last month, I’ve been too busy living life to write about it (well, too busy to write about it in a public place, anyway).  It has been a crazy month.  Yup.  Won’t even go into all the firsts this month, but there were many. So here’s the wrap-up…

  1. Finished Deuteronomy, Joshua, Ecclesiastes (love Ecclesiastes), Nahum, Zephaniah, and Matthew.  Currently reading through Judges and Jeremiah.
  2. Praying works.  The thing about praying about specific things (and often coupling that praying with fasting) is that answers come. Surprise.
  3. Yup.  And planning next month’s “topic” already.
  4. Found myself reading this month – what fun!  Actually read some off-the-wall stuff (off-the-wall for me, anyhow) – including most of Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled and all of Donald Miller‘s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Found Don Miller far more engaging, interesting, and theologically on-track than I expected – and who wouldn’t love a book whose subtitle was “What I Learned While Editing My Life“?  It’s a worthwhile, quick read.  At the suggestion of my “missions mentor,” I’ve also been digesting Paul Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change. Now that one is full of powerful stuff.  Have a whole slew of books set aside for August.  Liking my new schedule (or lack thereof – depends on how you look at it) at work – gives me a lot of flexibility, which essentially translates into more reading time. :-)
  5. Nothing on this one this month…  Boo.
  6. Ran two cross-country 5K races this month – which meant, obviously, that I had a reason to get out and run pretty much every day. :-)  Two more 5Ks in August!  Woot!  (I can’t believe I love running this much.  There must be something wrong with me…)
  7. Nope.
  8. Going…  Well, the mundane, today,  part of going is gradually beginning to take shape.  Looks like I’ll probably be moving out sometime in the next month/six weeks.  And that actually deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned as I hope to have definites on that in about two weeks. :-)
  9. I am loving the new mentorship relationship I have with a wonderful woman from my church!  Delving into II Corinthians together, which is just amazing. Suffering, comfort, affliction, sharing – all wrapped up together in long Pauline sentences.  And that’s just the first 11 verses. :-)
  10. Sadly, I think I’ve accumulated more junk this month than I actually ditched – but hopefully with a move coming up I’ll be getting rid of a lot of stuff which I truly do not need.

One Response to “July Wrap-Up”

  1. I find it interesting that I was reading some of your past comments when I noticed that I received your latest post. When I first started reading your blog about “going out” I was a little concerned that your high hopes may not be footed in reality. Kind of like the young woman or man who thinks marriage is the beginning of life rather than simply another chapter in your life. It appears to me that you have matured, not only as a person, but in your faith. I have always been interested in Enoch. As humans we are geared for doing or acting upon something. We have to accomplish something but Enoch’s mention in Scripture is void of everything except that he walked with God. Walking with God is the beginning and end of our relationship with Him. As you turn over more and more of your life to Him He will use you in ways far beyond your imagination or planning. I would encourage you to open up to all that He has for you. There will be times you may feel like something is missing but these areas will be filled. Be patient and let Him lead you. Others will let you down and fail you but He will never let you down.

    Read 1 Samuel 13. God’s timing is perfect, never early and never late.

    Ken & Maggie

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