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July Wrap-Up


The end of the month… again?  There are three semi-thought-out posts hovering in the wings, but like last month, I’ve been too busy living life to write about it (well, too busy to write about it in a public place, anyway).  It has been a crazy month.  Yup.  Won’t even go into all the firsts […]

Listen, I know it’s absurd.  It’s just a car.  It’s just a car!! But when I found out yesterday that my first car – a beautiful 1992 Toyota Camry with a moon roof – essentially needs a new engine (after having already had several thousand dollars’ worth of work done on it this year), I […]

So Sunday was our first Ryken-less Sunday at church… sad, quiet, and coming the middle of beginning to process SMI.  Dr. Liam Goligher (senior pastor at Duke Street Church, London), who has been a guest preacher at Tenth over the past several summers, was preaching from II Corinthians 3 on the Glory of God (one […]