Quitting Facebook


I’m quitting Facebook in 10 days.

I joined last May – as a kick because I turned 25, but also to keep in touch with people at a job I was leaving.  (Oh, and to see what the fuss was all about.)  I’ve enjoyed being a Facebook user – for the most part.  I mean, how fun is it to see pictures of friends and what they’re doing?  How cool is it to know what other people are having for dinner?  How awesome is it that I can keep up with people I haven’t seen in years?  Very fun, very cool, and very awesome, respectively.

That is, very fun, very cool, and very awesome until I no longer have control over how much of my information is available to the world-at-large.

I tend to guard my personal information rather closely. (You know the knock-knock about the control freak? That would be me…)  So I really don’t like that anyone on FB can see my name, birthday, friends, interests, favorite books, etc. etc.  I don’t like not knowing who may stumble across my info.

What about blogging?  How is that different?  Well, try googling me.  You won’t get my blog.  Try googling my blog.  You won’t get it.  I have more control over who sees my blog.

The other reason I’m quitting is that I tend to waste a whole lot of time on Facebook.  “Ooooo!  300+ status updates to read!  Exciting!”  Yeah.  I think I have better things to do with my time.  (Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing what other people were doing – it was just often at the expense of more important things.)  There are probably a lot of people out there who have a lot more self-control than I do and can carefully limit their time on FB.  More power to you. :-)

So that’s why I’m quitting.

If you’re reading this on Facebook and you think you might want to read more in the future, you will need to physically click through to the blog and subscribe.

You can also email me if you want to be put on “the list” for monthly updates about ministry, plans, and where God is taking me.

As a side note, quitting Facebook right now has very little to do with where I’m planning to go (though it does have some bearing on the decision).

Whatever your personal feelings may be about Facebook, you might find the following articles interesting…

FB: TIME Magazine May 31, 2010

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FB: Going Rogue

FB: Is it the New Internet?

FB: How to Delete Your Account

The site allfacebook.com has lots of interesting articles, too, for those who are looking to waste more time. ;-)

So who’s with me?!  What do you think?  Is the tide turning?  Is Facebook on its way out?  Or is this the cutting edge, the new big thing, the latest and greatest?  I wonder…


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