April Fools


Have you ever prayed for something so much that when the answer comes it seems far too good to be true?

Many of you have been praying along with me over the past six weeks as I wait to hear where the Lord is sending me.  At the beginning of March, the Interserve office sent my information to their five priority countries for nurses (and I may as well just say that from here on out, security guidelines dictate that I won’t be mentioning countries by name).  I waited and prayed and prayed and waited. :-)

By March 31, I still hadn’t heard anything back from the office, so I dropped the career track coordinator (CTC) a note to find out if I needed to be doing anything else.  She wrote me back within an hour or two – “I haven’t heard from any of the countries yet – it usually doesn’t take this long!”  So she sent my info out again – to the five countries and a few additional ones.   Within 12 hours, she’d gotten a response.  And so, on April 1, I received a very interesting note…

“If Susanna is willing to be in an administrative or supervisory role I can really use her in the birth life-saving skills program that I’m working in…”  What followed was a job description only God could have written.  And it wasn’t an April Fools joke.  It combines community health, teaching, empowering nationals to make a difference for their own people, and… birth and women’s health.  Of course I asked for more information.

So now I’ve emailed back and forth a few times with the field.  The more I learn about the job, the more excited I become that this really could be it – what God has been preparing me for all along (zigs and zags included!).  Lord willing, I’ll have a chance to meet the family that runs this program when they’re on home assignment sometime this summer.

Because this is potentially such a huge decision, I’ve let them know that I’ll be praying throughout the month of April for very clear confirmation from the Lord.  If all systems are still go at the end of April, I’ll get going in earnest.  Pray with me that if this is where God is sending me He will continue to draw my heart to this country, this people, these needs.  If this isn’t the place, pray that the Lord would show me in His own time and His own way.

I’m almost a little too excited about the prospect… could it be too good to be true?  Pray that I’ll have courage to throw myself into this whole-heartedly.

No reserves.

No retreats.

No regrets.


One Response to “April Fools”

  1. 1 Dorothy Rush

    I was glad to read your blog (because there aren’t many I read nor MySpace places. Just not used to it etc.) but i appreciated yours. By the way while working in the boarding school along with couples & singles, one innocent little primary child, said with all seriousness, “Auntie, where’s your uncle”? & being the retorful kind of person I can be, I felt like saying, “I don’t know but i sure wish he’d come out of hding.” (And about 4-5 yrs. later he did. I met Marvin thru his friends from his home church, who also were miss’ys in Liberia where I was at the time. Getting married at 40 wasn’t what i would have chosen but He was worth waiting for & we are content with each other!
    Sorry to hear that Tenth was losing their pastor. Sometimes that is very, very hard & then the process of looking for a replecement begins.
    God bless, “Auntie Dorothy” or “Aunt Dot” as the kids called me.

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