It is a GLORIOUS day in my current corner of the world – sunshine, blue sky, trees bursting into bloom, a lovely breeze.  And March has flown by – rain, sun, warm, cold – and I’ve enjoyed most every minute of it. :-)

  1. Finished II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Romans (currently reading Psalms, Exodus, Esther, and I Corinthians).
  2. This month I deliberately set aside one or two days a week for prayer – planning to continue that, I think.
  3. Fasting makes praying easier (see #2), but praying makes fasting easier.  Who knew?! :-)
  4. What have I read this month?  Bits and snippets of lots of things.  I finished Set-Apart Femininity and thought about doing a blog post on it, but never got to it.  I am LOVING On Being a Missionary (making slow-ish progress because I can’t manage more than a chapter or two at at time).  It’s not one of those books you can just read.  I had to hunt for a suitable writing instrument to mark it up (and I’m so OCD that it has to be the same pen through the whole book) – yay for green pens!  Also in the middle of reading Hannah Hurnard’s Mountains of Spices – and since I didn’t think I had enough to do, I borrowed a book from the church library and put another one on hold at the public library.  Maybe I’d better build more reading time into my schedule…
  5. Slight progress on Romans 8…
  6. Finally back to running!  I ran an average of three times per week this month – and I am registered for my very first 5K (in April!!)!  Yeeha!!
  7. Still no nothing on the guitar.
  8. Going… going…  Been praying LOTS about the where of going.  But beyond that, not too much has happened this month.
  9. Learning this month was less didactic and more the still, small voice of the Spirit.  Which is, perhaps, the learning that sticks a bit better…
  10. Filled up a bag of stuff – clothes I don’t wear, knick-knacks that were gather dust, etc., and got rid of it.  Yay!

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