February Wrap-Up


I’m pondering whether or not I should still post monthly wrap-ups.  It seems like they might not fit the blog anymore… like I have a giant to-do list and this is one more thing where I can go, “check, yup, did that.”  I don’t want this to become just another thing to do…  So maybe I’ll abandon the idea come March, but for now, here’s how February shook out.

  1. Finished Genesis, I Chronicles, Luke, and Acts and still in the middle of Exodus and Acts (on the Ryken plan).
  2. I enjoyed our times of corporate prayer at Candidate School.
  3. Not as much as I would like (and I’m feeling it).
  4. Almost finished three books.  By far the best was Crazy Love by Francis Chan (one from the list).
  5. Slight progress on Romans 8…
  6. Running went out the window for several reasons – 40 inches of snow in one week, 10 days of candidate school, and work.  I have more excuses if you need them.
  7. Still no nothing on the guitar.
  8. Oh, finally one where I did actually make progress!  Candidate School was awesome (though like any “conference” worth its salt, a bit like trying to sip water out of an open fire hydrant at times).  Need to do a whole post on CS…  The other thing is that I found out I’ll be going to South Africa for two weeks in October to serve at the 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.  VERY excited about that!
  9. I think I met my quota of learning for the year in the ten days I spent at CS… my brain was toast when I got home. :-)  Good stuff, though.
  10. My trash can is my best friend.  (Well, sort of…)

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