God’s Provision


Interserve candidate school is going well. :-)  I’m exhausted, haven’t run in over a week, and am eating to stay awake, but that’s par for the course for something like this (the mountains of snow/ice sure aren’t helping on the running front).  But other than that, I’m feeling great!

We’re the class of threes – three married couples, three single gals, and three little girls.  The guys are seriously outnumbered.  We have been getting to know each other since last Thursday, and since the single gals got the biggest apartment (don’t ask me how!) we’ve been hosting dinner almost every night (though not cooking every night).  I have REALLY enjoyed being part of a small community of people from diverse backgrounds and headed to rather diverse places with diverse gifts/jobs but who all have the same aim in life – to proclaim Jesus. :-)

One of the things I’m enjoying this week is beginning to see myself as an “Auntie.”  It’s one of those fringe benefits of being a single woman in missions – that I can enjoy and care for the kids, but not all the time. :-)  I think I’m really going to like being either Aunt Susie or Auntie Susanna (though don’t try calling me that or I’ll try one of my looks on you… those terms are reserved for very special people).

I was thrilled to bits today when they handed out boxes of materials (I know, I know, it doesn’t take much).  Among the half dozen or so books each family unit received (woohoo!  I’m a unit!) was Thomas Hale’s On Being a Missionary – one of the books on my 2010 reading list but that I hadn’t been able to find at my church library.  I was very excited about that. :-) I love how God provides!

Tomorrow we begin more in-depth discussions of sundry things like budgets. :-)  Thursday we’ll have a brief break for a field trip (!), and then Friday and Saturday we’ll wrap up.  I’ll head pretty much straight to work after I leave on Saturday, and I’m working every day from Saturday through next Friday (though not all at the same place, thankfully!).

Please pray for me over the next several days as candidate school finishes up – especially that all of us attending will be well-rested!  And please pray for me after candidate school finishes up – that reentry won’t be stressful and that I’ll somehow find time to read, write, and process.  Okay, signing off for the night!


One Response to “God’s Provision”

  1. 1 Rosalyn

    MISS YOU! Thank you for taking the time to write in the midst of the busyness of Candidate School. It is great to get some little snippets of what is happening in your life since I saw you last. Prayer hugs!

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