If God


“If God Called You to This City, What Would You Do?”

Yes, there is a logical answer to the question. :-)  It wasn’t the first answer I gave God, though.

I’ve got a bookmark with this question stapled to my bulletin board (along with pictures of friends/outreach workers, questions from GMHC, scripture, and artwork worth framing from two of my Sunday school students).  When I first contemplated the question, I told the Lord I’d go to the city – go to Philadelphia – but with that lovely little word if attached.  I can just see God smiling at my insistence.  “Hmmm.  Susanna, I think you have a few things to learn yet…”  (I just can’t seem to get it through my head that life is not about me handing God a list of things I want to do for His divine approval – life is about God handing me a blank piece of paper – to sign and say, “Hey, Lord, fill it however you want!”)

Wednesday night I stayed up late (remember, it’s a relative term) to finish reading an excellent book – Prescription for Hopeabout an incredible clinic in North Philadelphia.  As you may have already guessed, this is the same clinic where I interviewed last Friday.  The story was a gripping account of God’s faithfulness – of changed lives, of provision, of community.  It was one of those stories where you’re left shaking your head, saying, “Lord, it would be so cool to be involved in something like that!!”  (And right here in my backyard!!!)  On Thursday (yesterday), I was offered a job at Esperanza Health Center.  After prayer and input from my most trusted advisers, I accepted the position.

Now before you all go yelling about my obvious lack of reason (who in their right mind would take on a second job while in the process of planning to go overseas long-term?!!), let me explain.  First of all, I have no intention of leaving my job at the hospital.  I love what I do as an L&D nurse and I love my coworkers (and even a few of the docs!).  Second, I am not planning to change anything that’s in place already with Interserve, nor do I foresee any postponement in actually going overseas (though we all know that’s still a long way off).  The job at Esperanza is a very unique opportunity.  It’s a short-term part-time job which will mostly consist of administration (logistics coordination! woot!!!).  The job will be done at the end of June. :-)

So what exactly will I be doing?  The easy answer is that I don’t know – beyond the three pages of notes I scribbled today in my first meeting.  Officially, I’m the director of SMI Philadelphia 2010.  (!!!!!)  SMI stands for Summer Medical Institute – an opportunity in the summer for healthcare students to learn how to integrate their faith with the practice of medicine.  (For a great brief overview of how SMI started, check this out.)  The SMI started in Philadelphia in the 90s, but moved to the Texas/Mexico border within the last 10 years.  This year, a small group will be the guinea pigs for re-starting an incredible missions opportunity in Philadelphia (the Texas version will still run!).  My job is to coordinate all the nitty-gritty detail-y stuff so that students who come for the two weeks of SMI Philly have a place to stay, food to eat, interpreters to work with, and something to actually do. Phew. :-)

So I’d appreciate prayer (what’s new?!) as I embark on this new phase of the adventure.  This is a totally unexpected twist – but not an unwelcome one. :-)  God is calling me to the city – and I’m learning to answer “yes” without the if.

Because this is the only if worth pondering:

“If God is for us, who can be against us?!”


3 Responses to “If God”

  1. yay!!! so excited! will definitely be praying… :)

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