It’s funny how God plans things.

So I did leave my Bible at Sandy Cove this past weekend, and it did really throw me for a loop, but I think I’m beginning to understand why that happened (well, in a small way, anyhow).

I just want to say that I think the ESV is infinitely easier to read than KJV (or Reina-Valera, for that matter).  I started reading the ESV on January 1, and the past two days of KJV have convinced me that I really like the ESV.  Really.

So back to the whole serendipity thing.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m at Sandy Cove is just sit by the Chesapeake and listen to the quietness.  I was really grateful it was warm enough to do that (albeit far too briefly!) during the weekend.  On Sunday morning, I was the first up of the seven girls in my room.  I donned sweat pants, a t-shirt, and my coat, and grabbed my Bible and journal and headed down to the water.  Saturday morning the sounds of ice cracking (as the temperature warmed up) dominated.  Sunday morning, however, everything was far more still.  Unless you were carefully watching sheets of ice drift by, you might not even notice that they were moving.

I made my way out onto the stone jetty near the edge of Sandy Cove property.  For a long while, all I did was sit, look, and listen.  Eventually I opened my Bible and began to read.  When a gentle pitter-patter of rain started, I pulled my hood up and closed my Bible.  And again I just sat, looked, listened, and thought.  The only noise I heard was a quiet splat as each raindrop hit my coat.

“Five more minutes and I’d really better go back in to get ready for breakfast,” I thought as I glanced at my watch.  The sky was gray, the opposite shore shrouded in mist, and a light breeze occasionally sprinkled a raindrop or two in my face – but I much preferred the dreariness and solitude to the thought of going back inside.

Something that sounded like a footstep pulled me back to reality.  I tipped my hood back and turned around.  And then I grinned.

“Good morning,” I said to a dear girlfriend. :-)  I got up and we walked inside together.  “Did you know it was me when you came out on the jetty?” I asked (recklessly throwing the rules of grammar aside).  “No,” she answered, “I guess it was just one of those God-serendipity things.”  We smiled together.  Once inside, we sat by one of the fireplaces and had the most encouraging conversation of the entire weekend for me. :-)  And I was okay with leaving solitude behind.

Yesterday I started to process the whole weekend (if you missed it, check out The Towel).  In case it wasn’t obvious, I like to process through writing.  I also wrote a long-ish email to my prayer support team and did a bit of journaling.  It just so happens that my local CMDA pastor and his wife are on my prayer team, and shortly after sending out the email, I got a response back that went something like this: “I think I found your Bible… I picked it up and brought it home…”  I was so relieved/excited/thankful…

Today I drove to pick up my Bible (with a plate of cookies, of course!).  I ended up staying over an hour – chatting with this dear couple and their four young children.  What a blessing it was to hear those who are down the road a bit from where I am say, “Hang in there!  God’s at work and it’s totally worth it to wait on Him!”

I think that’s why my Bible stayed a little longer than I did at Sandy Cove.  God is good.  He knows what He’s doing. :-)


One Response to “Serendipity”

  1. 1 B.J. Linton

    Praise the Lord! I enjoyed reading your story-like post. I love you.

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