Romans 8


January is traditionally a month of “new things” – a new year, a fresh start, new habits (hopefully) formed, and the expectation that even more new things will happen during the coming year.  The only reason I love January is because it shouts newness so loudly. :-)

I am thrilled to bits about the new sermon series Dr. Ryken is doing at Tenth.  In case the title of this post didn’t give it away, he’ll be preaching through Romans 8 from now until June.  I’m ecstatic!  Six months of Romans 8!!!!  I think the book of Romans is a favorite for Tenth – Dr. Barnhouse preached 74 sermons from Romans 8 alone, and Dr. Boice preached through the book over the course of eight years.

Dr. Ryken opened the sermon yesterday by having the entire congregation read the entire chapter aloud – in unison.  It’s pretty awesome to read Romans 8 with hundreds of other people – I’ve got goosebumps just remembering it!  Tenth’s Sunday School Bible memory program for 6th grade includes all of Romans 8 – culminating in a recitation from memory at Bible school graduation in June.  Yesterday Dr. Ryken issued a challenge to all of us – that if the 6th-graders can memorize and recite 39 verses, so can we.  I guess Romans 8 is a good place to start memorizing this year!  Good thing it was already first on my list…

Care to join me?!  In addition to memorizing Romans 8 (hopefully all during the month of January), I plan to read the chapter aloud every day.  Next time you see me, ask me to recite what I’ve committed to memory!


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