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January Wrap-Up


As a general rule, I try to avoid turning my computer on on Sundays.  I guess the most interesting thing this brings up is that this is the first time the last day of the month has fallen on a Sunday since I started blogging. :-)  It’s been a busy weekend – and I’ve got […]

So I’m hoping this will become something of a regular feature here.  :-)  I love to read.  And there’s nothing like having a good book to actually make time to read.  I did think up a list of books I hope to read in 2010 – and January brought some progress on that list! Here […]

If God


“If God Called You to This City, What Would You Do?” Yes, there is a logical answer to the question. :-)  It wasn’t the first answer I gave God, though. I’ve got a bookmark with this question stapled to my bulletin board (along with pictures of friends/outreach workers, questions from GMHC, scripture, and artwork worth […]



It’s funny how God plans things. So I did leave my Bible at Sandy Cove this past weekend, and it did really throw me for a loop, but I think I’m beginning to understand why that happened (well, in a small way, anyhow). I just want to say that I think the ESV is infinitely […]

The Towel


Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to quit?!  I mean everything – everything – seemed to be conspiring to push you over the edge? I had one of those days yesterday. I guess that would fit the category of “unexpected.” I wanted to throw in the towel.  Wanted to […]