2009 in Review


I can’t believe it’s over.  I know I said that already, but hey, just because I said it…  So I’m going to look at the original list that I published on January 2 (and amended in July) and see how the year went…

  1. Read through the Bible in Spanish (again).  Yes.  Finished this morning.  In Spanish. :-)
  2. Memorize (or re-memorize) a passage of Scripture each month.  This one was too vague.  I did not have particular passages in mind, so this one slipped more often than any of the others.  Going to revise for 2010.
  3. Choose a mission agency.  I think so!  My application went in to Interserve in December and it looks like I’ll be doing candidate orientation in February 2010.  Wow…
  4. Read more books.  Yup. :-)  Favorites: Three Cups of Tea, what I read of From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, and what I read of Don’t Waste Your Life.
  5. Go back to Colombia on a short-term trip.  Nope.  But the Lord was gracious and I was able to see several of Tenth’s Colombian partners at our Global Outreach conference in November.
  6. Take Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!  I finished the actual course in May, but I’m still working on finishing the homework.  I think it’s safe to say that Perspectives changed my life. :-)
  7. Participate in MTW’s Advanced Medical Leadership Training.  Also an excellent decision.  I spent 10 days in April in the high desert of central Mexico – this is a great course for anyone interested in medical missions (short or long term).  Learned so much!!
  8. Stay in touch (with friends, family, those who are interested in missions, those who’ve expressed an interest in my call to missions, etc.).  This blogging thing has really taken off!  Thanks to those of you who read on a regular basis!  It has been such an encouragement to have people at church come up to me and say things like, “So, have you made any progress on Perspectives homework?” or “That was a great post about ___.  I enjoyed reading it!”  I have emailed “the list” a number of times (especially during the end of November/early December as I completed the Interserve application) – if you aren’t on the list and want to be, please get in touch with me!
  9. Find more time to play the piano.  For the most part, yes, I did find more time to play the piano.  My favorite piano to play is still the Steinway  in Tenth’s sanctuary, but I found other good pianos throughout the year as well.
  10. Eat more chocolate. :-)  Oh yeah.  No problems with this one!
  11. Addendum 1: Run several (i.e. 3-5) times per week.  So I didn’t meet the goal in terms of running a specified number of times per week, but I’m definitely running more than I was last year (easy to do because I wasn’t running at all back then…).  And I’m feeling a LOT better, too!
  12. Addendum 2: Pursue further training in midwifery.  I’m enjoying learning more about prenatal and well-woman care.  And I’m enjoying that I actually recognize some of the Amish women that I see every month (it’s just like any other people group – they all look alike at the beginning – until you get to know them as individuals…).

It has been a good year.  All praise to God!  Can’t wait to see what He has in store for 2010…


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