420 Days


Journaling has become a part of my daily routine – almost like eating and sleeping. :-)  A day is not complete until I’ve jotted down a few thoughts, a verse or a passage of Scripture, or a random to-do list.  I started journaling when I was 14, and since January 1, 2005, I’ve been journaling every single day (which means at this point I’m over 1800 days into this experiment!).

A new journal is always the sign of a new beginning for me.  I always loved when the new journal coincided with New Year’s Day – it was like everything got a fresh start.  Today I started a new journal. :-)

Yesterday when I wrote the last word on the last page of my “old” journal, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that that particular journal had come to end.  It covered roughly 420 days of my life – from mid-October 2008 through mid-December 2009.  When I closed the journal, I felt like I’d closed a chapter of my life.  A VERY full chapter – so much has happened since last October!  Frontier, Alpha, GMHC (x 2!!), Winter Conference, InterMed, Perspectives, MTW’s Advanced Medical Leadership Training, lots of new friends, a new role at church, changes at home, going back to CCH, midwifery, and finally, getting my application in to InterServe.

Starting a new journal today was bittersweet.  The past year has been incredibly wonderful… and now, theoretically, that chapter has come to a close.  At the same time, though, my new journal is squeaky clean and has LOTS of fresh lined pages just waiting for my pencil to fill them up.  I’m such a creature of habit that I have the same “model” journal as the one I just completed – which means that this new one could possibly last until February 2011.  And there’s an awful lot that could happen between now and February of 2011…

So for today, I contemplated with eager anticipation the story the Lord is going to write in my life in the next year. :-)  Sure, I’m nervous about what’s going to happen – who wouldn’t be a bit jittery about the thought of moving halfway around the world to learn a new culture and language in the next 12- 18 months?  But I’m excited.  I can’t wait to see the mercies God has along the way.  Come join me on the journey!


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