Praying in the Wind


How great is our God!  I love Philly…

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while. :-)  Yesterday I had the opportunity to shadow a nurse in a clinic in North Philadelphia.  I’m so grateful for friends who live in North Philly – makes it so much easier to go somewhere new when the area is semi-familiar. ;-)  Anyhow, there are a number of different directions yesterday’s experience could take – I’m not sure what the Lord has in mind, but I know I need to follow up and shadow in the clinic’s other location.  So pray that I’ll find time to do that!

I found out yesterday that it takes roughly an hour to get from Allegheny to Passyunk at rush hour on Friday afternoon. :-)  Ate dinner with friends in Center City, then headed to Tenth’s congregational meeting.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the meeting – even the budgets were interesting!  (I’m weird.  It’s okay.  I know.)  I’m also really grateful for friends that live in South Philly – especially the one that gave me a house key.  No commuting this weekend!

Today dawned cold and rainy, but nothing could really dampen my anticipation for seeing God at work…  This afternoon I had the privilege of attending the Philly Intermed Retreat at Tenth.  After a morning of food prep, I spent my afternoon with other healthcare professionals and students (well, they were mostly med students).  Dr. Bob Snyder spoke to us about incorporating faith in our practice of medicine.  And I have much to ponder!

The retreat was over at 5, so a bunch of us headed out in the wet snow to grab some dinner. :-)  We trekked to Chinatown, where we spent over an hour at dinner and over two hours at tea afterward. :-)  We talked the whole time – about the retreat, about missions, about singleness and marriage (there were nine of us there, all single – five girls and four guys – the guys were med students and the girls were nurses and social workers), about food, about fellowship, and about how the Lord is calling us.  We played Fishbowl and had an uproariously good time hanging out. :-)

After walking back to the neighborhood where we were all parked, we came to the corner of 18th and South – where we’d head our separate ways.  “Hey, we haven’t prayed yet!” my sister said.  It was past 10pm, but nobody really wanted to break up the party.  So we moved into the shelter offered by a building and circled up.  We sang the doxology (!!) and one by one prayed for each other, for those who attended the retreat, for the remaining events of the weekend, for revival among healthcare professionals and the city of Philadelphia at large, and that the Lord would bless us as we each seek to make Him known – here in Philly and eventually around the world.  The wind was cold, but I think we each felt the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

God is so unspeakably good.  And there’s still a full day to come on Sunday!  I can’t believe the Lord is allowing me to be a part of this – so incredibly grateful!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!


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